Tree Survey

When a tree survey is required?

With the 10% forest cover threshold of the United Nations,it is essential for a country to ensure it has enough forest cover. Trees are undoubtedly crucial to human life. Trees play essential roles in the environment such as soil preservation, water conservation and improving air quality. A tree survey is therefore important to provide useful information about trees given their importance in the environment.

It is crucial to know how new developments will affect the trees in a particular area. For instance, in the United Kingdom, it is a requirement that authorities check the effects of new development on trees and vegetation.Tree surveys are necessary for several reasons. For the survey to give good results those hired to survey should be experts. A tree survey is important in determining whether new development will be implemented.

If you are planning to build or extend a house and the proposed place is home to endangered species such as bats, it is crucial that a survey is conducted. The study will assist in assessing whether the building will have a negative impact on the animals that are inhabiting the trees. Surveys can also give relevant information on the trees’ conditions and whether the trees or animals may pose a health danger.

Some people are thrilled by nature and enjoy taking care of the environment. One may decide to conduct a tree survey to know about the trees in their garden. Information such as tree species, the age of the trees and the animals whose habitat is in the trees can give one information on howto take better care of the trees.

A survey can also help one to understand the risks and the safety precautions required depending on the species living on the trees. Town planners can also conduct surveys to make sure trees within the town’s boundaries are safe and are not potential hazards to the people living there.The government may also decide to conduct a tree survey without necessarily having development intentions. The government can hire surveyors to survey the country.The tree survey¬†provides information such as the type of trees in a particular area, the lifespan of a specific kind and which trees are home to which animals. This information can be used also to identify the tree and animal species that are rare and almost extinct. By having this valuable information, the government can know how to improve the forest cover and also take care of the trees. The tree survey can also be critical to schoolchildren, by incorporating the survey results in their syllabus school children can learn how to take care of trees and appreciate them.